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Shout out to Users on 1OB - a Plea Really

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October 2, 2018 at 7:30am

Hey guys, the people who keep this board up to date with news and articles haven't asked me to write this post (heck they might prefer I just keep quiet).  But as a person who does write blog posts (for a New Hampshire travel organization), I know the effort that goes into writing them and it is nice to know people are actually reading your work.

IOW, a quick comment - just a few words is confirmation and might spur some additional conversation on the topic.  I know without their articles and news this would just be another CBJ forum/board and this is where I get much of my CBJ info.

So thanks to the guys writing the articles.  You keep writing and I will keep commenting (whether you like it or not) :)  Two more days until puck drop!

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