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What Will This Team Look Like on Feb. 25?

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January 24, 2019 at 8:57am

Well, here we are at the all star break and about one month out of the trade deadline. This break has been identified as the organization's last chance to negotiate with Bread, and Jarmo has said he will have decisions to make based on that outcome. What roster moves do you expect/want before the deadline?

I think Bob is dealt at the deadline, and I hope that he is. It appears clear that he wants out of town and his play is suffering. I don't think this team makes a playoff run with Bob in net anyway, so you may as well take whatever you can get and ship him out. 

I hope Panarin resigns. He is a dynamic offensive threat that is very difficult to replace. He plays a style that I think will allow him to produce for years to come. If he is willing, you lock him up and have a dominant first line under team control for years to come. However, I do not expect him to resign - and I think Jarmo pulls the trigger on the deal and will get a decent return. He will not let Bread go for nothing, and this team is not really set up for a cup run this year anyway. 

I think Jarmo will make a few moves to shake up the forward group. Bjorkstrand, Milano, Wennberg, are all underperforming and may benefit from a change in scenery. Duclair is on an expiring contract and if a team wants him he may go as well. This team needs skill on the second line, and there isn't any help on the way in the minors. I am not sure it is smart to wait on Wennberg to rediscover his game. Jarmo should be looking to bring in a 2C before next year, and the deadlin emay be the time to do it. 

I think there are other minor moves to bring in an experienced goaltender, and possibly depth on defense or a forward who can play on the PP. These will not be blockbusters, but shrewd moves to try and win a playoff series. 


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