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A Way Too Early Question for the 2020 Offseason

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November 2, 2019 at 2:41pm

PLD is off to a hot start and I hate to think where the team would be if he were injured. What do you think his next contract will look like both as to $$ and length.

Josh Anderson is off to a slower start, but I think that was due at least in part to his early season injury. Now that he has been back a few games he has looked faster and more dangerous, so I am confident the goals will come. Same question for Josh: How much will it cost and how much term?

FWIW; I my initial thought is PLD signs a bridge deal for four years at about $6M. For Josh a lot will depend on whether he build on his recent trajectory or at least match his output from last year. If he can, since he will likely be giving up some UFA years with his contract, my guess is somewhere around $5M for five years. 

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