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It's Time to Look at 2024-25

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April 2, 2024 at 6:52pm


IMO we have seen enough of this year to talk about something more important; next year. Here are my predictions and comments. Yours are quite welcome.

1. CBJ is a playoff contender: Young core tired of losing will blossom, a couple FA's are signed, and the #1 goalie is set in stone now.

2. New GM and HC will stabilize the Front Office and make changes needed for fewer injuries and less drama. 

3. Elvis and Laine will have bounceback years, or are gone by Christmas (IMO: Elvis is the #2 Goalie at the start of the year). 

4. Next season Boone Jenner will not be a Center on the #1 line, will play the wing, and have a banner season.  As long as he is the #1 C the CBJ is not a playoff team since he can't drive play like a true #1 C (sorry to say it).

5. Next season the offense will score at least 50 more goals than this year's total, which is the main problem the CBJ has now, and has suffered from for years.

6. Nylander will have a great year under a 1 year contract, and earn a multi-year deal. 

7. The team will have half the man games lost next year than this year.

I have more, but that's enough embarrassing opinions for today. As the great Youtube movie critic Critical Drinker says "Go away now."





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