Take Note, Hockey Parents: Child Pulls Tooth With Slap Shot

By Kyle Morrison on November 11, 2017 at 10:27 am
Child pulls tooth with slap shot.

Losing baby teeth is a harrowing, uncomfortable experience that tells children that their pain is only worth a quarter – or at least that's how it was back in the 90's – which is why nobody was ever excited to have a stubborn tooth that just wiggled and refused to come out.

Either the tooth fairy upped her bonuses significantly or this kid is destined to be an NHL Hall of Famer.


He's got some damn good form, too – and he may the best first hockey player to ever knock out his own tooth with his *own* slap shot. That's historic, folks.

Reddit user /u/chaos8803 brings up a good point, though.

"Somebody get this kid a set of goalie gear. This is too weird for a skater."

Well said.

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