Five Thoughts: Seth Jones Shows His Worth and Alexander Wennberg Shows Up In a Big Way

By Sam Blazer on March 12, 2018 at 10:26 pm
Sonny Milano and his linemates crash the net for a Blue Jackets goal

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The Columbus Blue Jackets defeated the Montreal Canadiens, 5-2 despite not playing a complete game. It is both encouraging and scary that the team coasted for an entire period.

They were still able to win by a large margin, and it was thanks to fantastic performances from their difference-making players.

Here are five thoughts on the Blue Jackets emphatic win over the Canadiens:

Seth Jones For Norris

There is no way to slice it other than franchise defining. Defenseman Seth Jones is having one of the best seasons from a Blue Jackets defender, ever. He is already tied for first place for the franchise lead in defenseman goals. For most of the season, the Blue Jackets didn't have much going offensively. Jones has been there no matter what and has contributed when no one else was putting points on the board.

Although he missed the third period, Jones has rarely missed a shift this season and has been a rock for the team. Jones has been the best defenseman on the Blue Jackets, and he has been one of the best defensemen in the NHL.

Ian Cole Does It All

It won't be overlooked since he was a deadline acquisition but Cole has just transformed the Blue Jackets defensively. While he put up points tonight, he doesn't have to do that every night to make a big difference for the team. He is eating up minutes and putting the team on the right side of the ice more often than not. 

Putting players in their proper spots may not seem like a lot, but it allows players to slot accurately and play their roles well. 

Artemi Panarin Keeps Collecting Points

This game might be the quietest night from Panarin in quite a while. He had one point and still made a difference. It is what he does, and he does it very well. It is hard to appreciate greatness when you're in its midst.

Every night Panarin makes a move that puts your jaw on the ground. Even when he isn't at his best, he is still fantastic, and that is a testament to the player itself.

Alexander Wennberg Finding His Rhythm

Wennberg officially had four points on the evening including a goal and three assists. He has had a disappointing season to some, but he is picking it up when it matters most. He puts pucks into space and allows difference makers make the plays. 

Wennberg's ceiling is as high as anyone's on the team and you can see it on nights like tonight where he puts up points in bunches.

Bob is Bob

What can you even say about Sergei Bobrovsky anymore? He just makes plays. He posted a .950 save percentage and was tested a few times throughout the night. It is a testament to the player that excellence is expected every night. He somehow exceeds every expectation and puts himself on a level all on his own.

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