Three Things: Depth Steps Up To The Plate Big Time and The Powerplay Once Again Comes Through

By Sam Blazer on February 8, 2019 at 10:20 am
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On paper, it didn't look THAT pretty, but the Columbus Blue Jackets haven't had a more workmanlike performance after dismantling the Arizona Coyotes, 4-2. 

They didn't have to play their first line all that much, and because of it, the Blue Jackets are going to be even more rested for their game against the Vegas Golden Knights on Saturday.

Here are your three things from Thursday evening's tilt:

Deep Depths

The Blue Jackets have been buoyed by their top line. When they need a goal, they get it from them. The goals from their bottom-six aren't as plentiful as they would've hoped. They've retooled it to be more of a grinding unit.

They haven't been rewarded very much but last night was different. Lukas Sedlak on his first shift was able to put the biscuit in the basket. It set the tone for the game, and it was needed for the team. They didn't need Artemi Panarin heroics, and that put the game at more of an easy pace because of it.

Electric Power Play

Who knows if it is really because of Martin St. Louis or if it is just numbers correcting themselves, but the power play is humming. They are undoubtedly entering the zone better than ever. They are also passing with a purpose. They haven't faced a murderers row of opponents, yet it doesn't matter. 

They needed stability here. Even if they don't score, being able to pose a threat is enough to score shortly after or show holes in defensive coverage. It is important to have good special teams, and the Blue Jackets are finally putting it all together.

Bob See, Bob Save

This once again comes with a caveat, but the Sergei Bobrovsky looked very good. The Coyotes have been hit or miss this season, the Blue Jackets last night neutralized them quickly. It was mostly because Bobrovsky was on his game.

If he continues to do this, it will be easy rolling for the Blue Jackets. It will also make trading him an easy task as well since he will be at his very best.

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