Three Things: Tampa Bay Lightning Prove They're In League Of Their Own Against Columbus Blue Jackets

By Sam Blazer on February 18, 2019 at 11:45 pm
The Blue Jackets and Lightning get in a scuffle after the two sides
Aaron Doster-USA Today Sports

Nikita Kucherov, have yourself a night.

The Columbus Blue Jackets fell to the Tampa Bay Lightning by a score of 5-1. It was a shellacking that wasn't as bad of a beating as the score indicates. The Lightning didn't have many high danger scoring chances but when they did they converted them.

The Blue Jackets didn't have great luck and compound that with deadly precision of the Lightning, it was a long, long day in the office.

Here are your three things:

A Level Below The Best

The Columbus Blue Jackets are good. There is absolutely, positively nothing wrong with good. But when you are playing some of the best players in the league, it just isn't always going to get it done.

The Tampa Bay Lightning are close to being in a league of their own. They constantly are bringing it on offense, and when they aren't, they can use their opportunities to bury you. It is a difficult, difficult team to play against.

The Blue Jackets should take a look in the mirror and then evaluate where they are as a team. If they think they can compete consistently, they should stay in buy mode. If they aren't then they should be selling as quickly as possible. 

Young And The Restless

The Blue Jackets had good games from Eric Robinson and Kole Sherwood. Those players were buzzing and brought up the respective energy for both of their lines. 

Why not continue on with them and see where you can go? The Blue Jackets know what they have in their lineup, and it apparently isn't getting it done. Keep putting them in a position to succeed and who knows what happens from there.

Why not diversify your lineup from the boring and monotonous. The playoffs are there for the taking but how deep can you realistically go with this unit?

Who Steps Up For Murray?

Ryan Murray left during the first period, and he has been a cornerstone for the team. Who are they going to rely on to get it done? Scott Harrington has done well in his stead but is he able to eat the kind of minutes you need to be eaten?

The defense has stepped up of late, and if they don't keep it together, they're going to run into issues down the stretch. Do you trust the Dean Kukan's of the world or do you trade for someone.

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