Three Things: Charlie McAvoy's Hit, Appreciating Sergei Bobrovsky And Enjoying The Playoff Ride

By Sam Blazer on May 6, 2019 at 10:27 pm
Nick Foligno shakes hands with Boston Bruins defenseman Zdeno Chara
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The Columbus Blue Jackets fell to the Boston Bruins by a score of 3-0. They would lose the series to the Bruins, 4-2.

The Blue Jackets best wasn't enough and the Bruins emerged victoriously. 

Here are tonight's three things:

Charlie McAvoy's Hit Sucks Ass

Might as well start here.

The hit was horrible. There is no way around it. Even if you are the most ardent Boston Bruins fan, there is no way that you can think that the hit was any good. It is a hit that the league is trying to get rid of. 

The most upsetting part about it is the fact that they had an opportunity to get it right. All of the referees got together to make sure that it was right. They got it wrong. They very clearly got it wrong. The Blue Jackets should have had a chance for a five-minute power play and a match penalty for defenseman Charlie McAvoy.

Many are going to play the what if's in there head after this game and rightfully so. It truthfully changed the complexion of the game.

Bob Wasn't God Tonight

The Blue Jackets needed Sergei Bobrovsky to be at his best in Game 6. They didn't get it. But it also diagnoses an issue the team had all series, Bobrovsky needed to be the best player for them to have a chance. The Bruins outplayed the Blue Jackets in many aspects all night long and it was a consistent problem.

The team wouldn't have been where they were without him. Bobrovsky consistently over his entire career bailed out the Blue Jackets. They needed him to help them out one more time. 

It just wasn't in the cards for the Blue Jackets. Putting any blame at the feet of Bobrovsky would be wrong. Seeing him play his last game as a Columbus Blue Jacket was nonetheless a sight to see.

Still Satisfied

The Blue Jackets had never made it to Round 2 of the playoffs before this season. They sweeped the President's Trophy winning Tampa Bay Lightning. They performed in a way that no one could have anticipated. 

As a fan and a writer, I couldn't be happier with the Blue Jackets. That may make me sentimental that I enjoyed a Round 2 loss but it turned the town into a place that was truly enjoying hockey every night. 

Columbus showed up in a big way. It is a story for national media yet it also fills this native with pride. I am happy that MY Blue Jackets did so well. It may be a loser mentality to enjoy this ride but if you didn't, that is a you problem. 

A hockey team has provided me with happiness and a new tattoo, I'm happy that I have those memories.

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