Jean-Luc Grand-Pierre is The Right Person To Fill In Bill Davidge's Old Spot

By Sam Blazer on August 11, 2019 at 8:50 am
JLGP avoids a forechecking forward.

Trying to replace a legend is always going to be a difficult task. It takes one person to be determined enough to continue on and fight through any potential criticisms. Those criticisms will come as well when you're not the legend itself.

Reportedly, multiple former Blue Jackets are interested in taking Bill Davidge's old job at the desk for Fox Sports Ohio. One name, in particular, stands out as he has been around the block for a while. Jean-Luc Grand-Pierre feels like a natural fit for the gig.

JLGP has stuck around Columbus after his playing days were up which for any person from Central Ohio, that is a big deal. People from Columbus love it when people establish and set up roots. JLGP plays on a beer league team in town as well-meaning that he has established a connection to the local hockey community that many in the area don't realize that he has.

JLGP also has the chops to take over the position as well. He has done both TV and Radio for the team over the past season. It was like an audition of sorts and it also shows that there is something established between the two sides. 

Part of the job that Davidge undertook as well was being the ambassador for the club. No one and I mean no one cares for the Blue Jackets like Davidge did. It would be unfair trying to get someone to replicate that but having that zest would be important for anyone that wants the job.

In reality, the job doesn't have to go to a former player, Davidge showed that. But continuing on the line of keeping Blue Jacket alumni close to the club is important for the community and important to show that Columbus will take care of their own. It makes JLGP a natural fit.

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