The Blue Jackets May Have to Be Bargain Shoppers at the Trade Deadline

By Sam Blazer on February 21, 2020 at 7:43 am
Jarmo Kekäläinen
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We need to be honest with one another. ​Can we do that here?

The Columbus Blue Jackets offense this year absolutely stinks.

They have been abysmal and for the most part, the Blue Jackets have been saved by great goaltending. 

While not exactly the same as last year where it felt like the Blue Jackets could go on one final run, the team definitely deserves reinforcements to complement their strong play. They have been buoyed by AHL players for long enough.

After giving up plenty at the trade deadline last year and depleting a lot of their resources, they need to look elsewhere to line their coffers. They don't have any picks to give up but they sure have a lot of trade deadline money to play around with.

The very first thing they should do is take a look at the worst teams in the league and try to swipe good players having bad years for premium value. Look no further than the Ottawa Senators and the Detroit Red Wings.

Players they should immediately be targeting are names like Andreas Athanasiou, Robby Fabbri, Darren Helm, and even Evgeny Svechnikov. Each for one reason or another has lost their value but still, brings something to the ice when they are there. The current value of these players is going to make this murky. When defenseman Dylan Demelo is fetching a second-round pick a week or so out from the deadline, the buyers market may be more confusing then you think. Packages with real assets may be beneficial. Even for a player like Svechnikov who definitely needs a new start, he is the definition of a clearance rack purchase.

Taking a look at the Ottawa Senators, the issue is that the perceived value of certain players isn't going to jive with what is available. A JG Pageau is going to cost an arm and a leg. Connor Brown may not be available for a trade without an overpay. A reunion with Artem Anisimov may be in the cards if they believe he has more in the tank. He has a high cap hit but that shouldn't scare off the Blue Jackets. Similarly, Tyler Ennis may be in a similar situation.

The Blue Jackets are in an unfortunate spot but it may be good for them to limit themselves anyway. Going all-in with this team given the injuries would be foolhardy. However, rewarding them with an NHL'er or two around the deadline is just the morale boost they may need.

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