The Chase: Flyers Win, Blue Jackets Lose, Making for Discouraging Night

By Chris Pennington on March 5, 2020 at 9:16 am
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The Chase is your morning report on where the Blue Jackets stand in the 2020 Stanley Cup Playoffs race. What happened, what's next, and who to cheer for.

Missed opportunities.

The Columbus Blue Jackets held a 2-0 lead over the Calgary Flames for most of their game on Wednesday night, in prime position to bury their western conference opponent and start their road trip on the right note.

Fast forward 15 minutes and the Blue Jackets were walking away with 1/2 points in a very winnable contest. Come April, these are the games you look back on, kicking yourself that you didn't have that extra point.

Here's where we stand on Thursday, March 5.

  GP GR W L OT PTS RW ROW STRK L10 Make Playoffs [#]
WASHINGTON CAPITALS 66 16 40 20 6 86 30 36 L! 4-5-1 99.70%
PHILADELPHIA FLYERS 66 16 39 20 7 85 29 34 W7 8-2-0 99.50%
PITTSBURGH PENGUINS 65 17 38 21 6 82 27 35 W1 4-6-0 90.00%
BOSTON BRUINS 67 15 43 13 12 96 37 42 W3 8-2-0 100.00%
TAMPA BAY LIGHTNING 66 16 41 20 5 87 33 39 L1 5-5-0 99.97%
TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS 67 15 35 24 8 78 27 34 L1 5-5-0 85.90%
COLUMBUS BLUE JACKETS 68 14 32 21 15 79 24 32 L1 2-4-4 41.00%
NEW YORK ISLANDERS 65 17 35 22 8 78 24 32 L2 2-6-2 61.80%
CAROLINA HURRICANES 64 18 35 24 5 75 25 30 OT1 4-4-2 71.40%
NEW YORK RANGERS 66 16 35 27 4 74 30 34 L3 6-4-0 25.00%
FLORIDA PANTHERS 66 16 33 26 7 73 28 30 L1 3-6-1 19.90%

p - Clinched President's Trophy; x - Clinched Playoff Spot

It's funny how these things work - even after the discouraging night, the Blue Jackets actually rose in the playoff rankings, taking over the first wild card spot, previously belonging to the New York Islanders.

When will these games in hand actually even out?! The Blue Jackets have three more played than the Islanders, and four more than the Carolina Hurricanes. All Metropolitan teams fighting for a wild card playoff spot are in action tonight - so let's check out who to be rooting for.

Tonight's Game(s) of Interest

Home Away Who to Cheer for
TAMPA BAY (41–20–5, 87p) MONTREAL (31–28–9, 71p) The Lightning. Montreal is likely out of the race for an eastern conference wild card spot, but might as well keep them at bay as long as we can.
FLORIDA (33-26-7, 73p) BOSTON (42-13-12, 96p) Boston. The Panthers are alive and barely breathing, and with the Atlantic Division working itself out, Florida still has a shot at the wild card.
NY RANGERS (35-27-4, 74p) WASHINGTON (40-20-6, 86p) Ovechkin and the Capitals. They are front-runners to win the division right now, so their winning won't hurt the Blue Jackets. The Rangers losing, will, though. 
PHILADELPHIA (39-20-7, 85p) CAROLINA (35-24-5, 75p) Philadelphia. The Flyers are on a seven-game win streak and are looking to establish themselves in a division playoff spot. Carolina is still a threat to a wild card spot, and have four games in hand on Columbus, so we need them to keep losing. 
BUFFALO (29-29-8, 66p) PITTSBURGH (38–21–6, 82p) The Sabres. Since Buffalo is out of a playoff spot, them winning does nothing, and Pittsburgh losing is always a good thing. 
OTTAWA (23-32-12, 58p) NY ISLANDERS (35-22-8, 78p) Anthony Duclair and the Senators, pull through for us, please. The wild card race with the Islanders will be a hot one down the stretch for the Blue Jackets, so we need New York to lose and lose some more.

Just an absolute slate of games tonight. There's a big chance for some help to be given to the Blue Jackets tonight, but also a potential for everything to go horribly wrong.

Blue Jackets Playoff Odds

Make It In 2nd Rnd Conf. Finals SC Finals Win SC Win Metro 2nd Metro 3rd Metro WC1 WC2
41.70% 16.30% 6.90% 3.10% 1.50% 0.1% 0.8% 4.7% 13.8% 21.6%

Odds courtesy of

The Blue Jackets are off until Saturday - so we will spend the next few days relying on outside help to keep them in the playoff hunt. Two points would have been nice last night, but as long as they are mathematically alive, we keep hope. 

Today's stress ball: This was all of us last night.

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