Blue Jackets Hope Strong Series Against the Hurricanes 'Propels Them' Moving Forward

By Sam Blazer on March 26, 2021 at 2:27 pm

After a 4-3 overtime loss, it would be really easy for the Blue Jackets to get down on themselves. In fact, as they sit on the playoff line it wouldn't be irresponsible to address it. 

Instead, after a 2-1-1 stretch against the Hurricanes in four games, the Blue Jackets are feeling good. They are still on the outside looking in but stacking points is important.

"That's a big point for us," Blue Jackets coach John Tortorella said. "Four games against one of the top teams in the league. We go 2-1-1 against them. We come back and tie it up late and the two periods we played are probably two of the best we played all year long. I hope it keeps propelling us."

Propelling them forward is going to be a big part of this. They start with playing the Detroit Red Wings and they have the opportunity to start getting points quickly. They just can't let points slip away like they did most recently against the Hurricanes. After the two games in Detroit this weekend, things get very tough very quickly, with two games at Tampa, two games at Florida, and then they'll head back home for two more vs. Tampa.

"Really good stuff tonight for us, but we end the game by giving them something free, and these are the things we have to have more value in making sure we don't give things for free," said Tortorella. "That's how we get completely over the hump as far as stringing some wins together."

They have a chance to make an impactful run. It now comes down to the players and the coaching. It will be interesting to see if this group has the gumption to string those wins together against Detroit, and then the gauntlet against Tampa Bay and Florida.

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