Artemi Panarin Describes Trade to Blue Jackets as 'Springboard'

By Sam Blazer on August 18, 2017 at 7:25 am
Artemi Panarin skates around during pre-game warm ups

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Artemi Panarin is the prized jewel of the Columbus Blue Jackets offseason. Even though the Russian forward has yet to step foot in Ohio after the trade, he has a good attitude coming into training camp.

He spoke to Russian publication Sport-Express about topics ranging from coaches to adjusting to the cannon.

So are you sure with your chosen number 9?

Yes. I hope it will be good. But the cannon, which shoots after every goal in Columbus, you just need to prepare for that. Recently went to shooting with the guys, next time we'll go, I'll ask to shot over my ear. To make it common. I think I'll get used to it quickly. Every time we went on the road with "Columbus" and they score, and that cannon fires, everything inside you tightens.

Can you imagine what kind of hockey is Columbus playing in?

Approximately - yes. I played in a similar way under Nazarov. With him, we also did not think twice, acted strictly. Let's see what the new coach will tell me. I hope that I will be able to play my hockey in order not to lose my best qualities. Because if I do not shoot pucks, and try to beat everyone with my sheep weight, then it will just be more painful for me, and I will not do any good. Therefore, you need to play with the puck more. Once again, do not waste energy on some kind of fighting or hitting. But this is my opinion, and so - as the coach will say, I will play.

Nazarov is a tough coach, just like Tortorella. You are actually good at playing under such mentors.

Frankly, I do not think much about it. So far, just preparing for the season. I'm a simple person, I can adjust to any coach. I don’t think there will be any problems. When you perform the coach setting completely, you gain the trust and you can start to try some of your things, developments, risk. And when the coach does not trust you, how will you risk? It becomes psychologically scary, and this is when a problem starts. The only one coach that didn’t work for me is Krikunov in Ak Bars. But it still depended on my game.

Many players of "Columbus" already saying that they want to play with you on the same line. So for those players and this team, you are no longer just a good partner for Kane, but the one who must steal games.

This is just one of the positive moments. Therefore, trade for me is a springboard, not a hole. Anything can happen, of course, time will tell. But the main thing for me now is to prepare mentally not for the fact that you need to prove something or tear your butt, but just enjoy the game. No need to chase the bar, which I set in the previous two seasons. Yes, if there are not many points, they will start saying that this was just because I played with Kane. Do not pay attention to this now. Of course, it often happens that everything is good on paper, but in fact, you start to lose you cool. But now I understand that I'm calm and know what I need to work on. When you enjoy your game, then you play beautiful hockey. In general, you need to bring more joy to people who watch the game, as Pavel Datsyuk did.


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