Brandon Dubinsky Reflects On His Season, Saying It Was "Not the Year I Ever Expected It to Be"

By Sam Blazer on April 26, 2018 at 2:02 pm

The Columbus Blue Jackets were disappointed in their series loss to the Washington Capitals. Multiple players weren't able to step up when they were needed most. One player in particular, veteran center Brandon Dubinsky, was expected to be a factor in the playoffs. After being relegated to a fourth line role, Dubinsky was a non-factor.

During his exit day interview, he took time to reflect on the series and his own play.

"On a team level, it's more frustrating," said  Dubinsky. "We put ourselves in a good position with our start on the road, winning the first two games. Then, obviously, we lost four straight. So, it's more bitter in that sense, that we had them where we wanted them and couldn't get the job done here at home."

Moving over to his own play, Dubinsky knows that he needs to better and that his game was nowhere near the standard expected of him.

"On a personal level, obviously not the year I ever expected it to be," Dubinsky said. "It's tough, it hurts. I'm resilient, and I still believe in myself. I know that I've got a long summer here to put in the work and get myself back to where I need to be."

Knowing where his weakness lies, Dubinsky also outlined what needed to happen for him to get back to the standard he has set for himself. Getting back to that point will be a focus that follows him all during the off-season.

"First of all, the games getting faster and I'm not getting younger," he said. "I dealt with a major surgery last year that set me back in my training. So this year I'll have a full summer to do what I need to do, and my main focus is going to be getting faster."

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