Local Ratings for Blue Jacket Games On FOX Sports Ohio Are Pacing Franchise-Best

By Chris Pennington on January 14, 2020 at 1:45 pm
The Columbus Blue Jackets' local TV ratings are up 41% from last season and are on pace for its highest viewership in franchise history.
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Nothing like a long point streak to get people watching, huh?

The Columbus Blue Jackets are owners of an 11-2-4 record in their last 17 games, and it's paying dividends, not just in the standings. FOX Sports Ohio has reported via Nielsen that the club is on pace for the best local rating mark in franchise history.

This report last week mentioned that games are currently hitting at 2.12 HH, which is up 41% from last year's rating after the same number of games. This means that 2.12% of the market's household audience is tuning in for our Blue Jackets on the average this season.

Here's a breakdown of the highest ratings ever for the club:

Columbus Blue Jackets Best All-Time Local TV Ratings
Season Viewership Final Record Playoffs
2019-2020 2.12 HH TBD TBD
2016-2017 2.09 HH 50-24-8 Lost in Conference Semifinals
2008-2009 1.86 HH 41-31-10 Lost in Conference Quarterfinals
2018-2019 1.61 HH 47-31-4 Lost in Conference Quarterfinals

There is significance tied to each of these seasons. The 2018-2019 season saw the Blue Jackets go "all-in" at the trade deadline for a Stanley Cup playoff push. 2008-2009 was one that led to the club's first postseason birth. 2016-2017 saw the Blue Jackets rip off the famous 16-game win streak. This campaign, the Blue Jackets went on a 12-game point streak.

If you win, do something new, or stir some drama, the people watch. We know this.

Here are a few more fun facts from the report:

  • The highest-rated game of the season to date is the game from Nov. 29 against the Penguins, which posted a 3.08 HH.
  • The second highest-rated game this season to date is the game from Nov. 19 vs. Canadiens, which posted a 2.94 HH.
  • Five of the top 10 rated games so far this season came in December:
    • Dec. 23 vs. New York Islanders - 2.93 HH (3rd)
    • Dec. 31 vs. Panthers - 2.87 HH (6th)
    • Dec. 19 vs. Kings - 2.8 HH (7th)
    • Dec. 3 vs. Coyotes - 2.78 HH (8th)
    • Dec. 5 vs. Rangers - 2.77 HH (9th)

Just win, baby.

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