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Realistic Goals Threshold 2018-2019

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July 2, 2018 at 12:58pm

Really miss blue jackets hockey so I wanted to take out my frustration on how many players slumped last year and estimate a realistic number of goals for each player.


disclaimer, these are very optimistic numbers but not impossible I think.

Artemi- 40

Cam- 35+

Josh Anderson- 25+


Bjork- 20

Foligno- 20

jenner- 20

abramov-20 ( I think he makes it)

Seth- 20

z- 20

nuti- 15

milano- 15

riley Nash-15


wennberg- 10+

Sedlak- 5+

eric Robinson- 5+ (I think he gets some games at the nhl level)

the rest of the team I’m not sure..



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