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Thoughts On Moves Prior To The 2020-21 Season

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December 9, 2019 at 9:16am

Let's be honest and admit that the Jackets are longshots to make the playoffs, this season. With that in mind, what can Jarmo do to, potentially, improve this team for 2020-21?
Let's start with the most obvious. Wennberg is never going to be the 50-60 point center that he has the potential to be. I think the hit he took in the playoffs against Washington has made him gun shy. Whether via buyout, sending him to Cleveland (assuming he'd get through waivers) or trading him for a bag of pucks, he has to go. Tex has the tools to be a very good (or better) #2C and dumping Wennberg makes room for him there.
Gavrikov and Kukan have already proven to be solid NHL ready defensemen. Peeke is not far behind. This means that Jarmo can trade both Savard and Murray, or Nutivara for some combination of
forwards, forward prospects and/or draft picks that can help next season and in the future.
I don't know what's going on with Elvis. He makes "what the hell was that" saves look easy. His positioning and movement are damned near perfect. His rebound control is excellent. Yet, he can't win games. It could be lack of work. But Korpi is doing so well that it's hard to sit him more often just to give Elvis more starts. With VV and Matiss close to being NHL ready, the Jackets have a goalie corps that other teams envy. Someone would be willing to offer up a prospect (at least) for Elvis to bolster their goalie situation, which could also benefit Elvis.
Finally, I am having (minor) doubts about Fligs. Something is going on with him. Has age caught up with him? Is there a minor, but nagging injury we don't know about? Something else? There is a reason for his season long slump and he bears watching.

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