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Salary Cap and the Jackets

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March 20, 2020 at 7:59am

One of the ways the season suspension is causing havoc for the NHL is the loss of an estimated $1 billion in revenue. This, of course, affects the salary cap. Prior to the suspension, the league estimated next season's cap would be between $84 & $88 million. Now... Well, no one, not even the league, knows what next season's cap will be. Not only because of the lost revenue, but because the current CBA allows the NHLPA to insist on a "multiplier". That is, an automatic increase in the cap of a certain percentage. So far, there has been no suggestions by league insiders as to what the NHLPA might agree to. However, many of these same insiders are repeating the suggestion, possibly being "test floated" by the league, of a flat cap (i.e. staying at $81.5 million) with one or two amnesty buyouts to help teams become cap compliant. If this happens, I don't see how it would help the Jackets, since the only "dead" contract they have is Dubi's and his ends next season. On the other hand, I've always been terrible remembering contract amounts and lengths, and age doesn't help. (Remember, the second sign of old age is a fading memory. I don't remember what the first sign is.) So, what does everyone think of the proposal? If it's instituted, who would you buyout?

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