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Jarmo's Contract Negotiations Hurting The Jackets?

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January 3, 2021 at 8:04am

It has been suggested that Jarmo being a tough negotiator has hurt the Jackets and forced some "bad trades". But is that the case? Supposedly, his negotiating tactics caused Ryan Johansson to demand a trade. Let's say that's true. How did that trade work out? Well, Nashville is paying him #1C money and getting #2C stats. What did the CBJ get? Seth Jones, a defenseman who, were he playing in New York or one of the Original Six cities, would be recognized as a superstar. Well, if RyJo forced his way out of Columbus, the CBJ certainly got the better end of that deal, especially since Seth signed a team friendly contract and is likely to inherit the "C", once Foligno retires.
Then there's Josh Anderson. Now, I place the blame on the extended negotiations and Anderson's hold out on Anderson and his agent. Don't forget that Athanasiou has the same agent and both players held out (and Athanasiou is, now, without a team). But, let's assume the extended negotiations were Jarmo's fault. 1) Anderson wanted to be paid on potential after a couple of seasons best classed as "good for a developing player". You only pay for potential with generational players and Anderson is not a generational player. 2) He'd had one good season and one injured season prior to his next contract, and that injury has the potential to be career altering and career ending. What did Jarmo get for him? Only Max Domi, the #2C the team has needed since Day One AND who, almost immediately, signed a 2 year contract.
The question I must ask is, if Jarmo's hard-nosed negotiating tactics are running stars out of Columbus (I don't count Panarin or Bob since both left for reasons other than a contract), why is Jarmo getting "as good as" or better players for them who easily sign contracts? Maybe the "blame" for those tough negotiations should be placed on the players and their agents.

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