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Some Common Sense

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June 24, 2021 at 7:28am

Lately, there have been a lot of negative posts, here. A lot of gloom and doom. The expectation that the Jackets are going to suck worse than the first season. There are differences.
1) That charlatan, Dougie Mac, is not in charge.
2) The Jackets will have at least one very good goalie.
3) Patrick Laine.
4) There is a talented core group in place.
5) There are some talented youngsters (Tex, Bemmer, Bjorkstrand) who should continue developing.
6) Even with the departures of Murray, Nuuti and the immanent departure of Jones, there's still a decent blueline corps in place.
Conclusion: While, realistically, one can't expect the Jackets to contend for the playoffs, with a game style geared to the available talent (Which I believe Larson is smart enough to implement.), the Jackets should be a competitive team which will influence the final standings in the division and, with a little luck, just might be within shouting distance of the top four.

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