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Columbus Interested In Asrokov?

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July 8, 2024 at 8:13am

The rumor mill coughed up an interesting one recently. Supposedly, Waddell is trying to get Asrokov, a top AHL goalie, from Nashville by offering up Kent Johnson and, maybe, a sweetener.
This raises a few questions for me. What happened to Waddell wanting to return Elvis to his winning ways? If Waddell successfully acquires Asrokov, what happens to either Elvis or Tarasov? Does this indicate a lack of faith in Jet Greaves, despite extending a QO to him? If Waddell really is chasing Asrokov, why didn't he buy out Elvis?
Regardless, if Waddell is trying to acquire Asrolov, that shows that he's well aware of the Jackets greatest weakness.

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