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1st Ohio Battery Staff Midseason Prospect Rankings

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January 19, 2018 at 11:27am

Let us know what you think of our individual prospect rankings. Give us your list!

We included all players that weren't full-time status in the NHL and were under 25-years-old. 

  Sam Rob Dan Kyle
1 Abramov Abramov Abramov Abramov
2 Texier Gavrikov Carlsson Carlsson
3 Milano Carlsson Milano Gavrikov
4 Gavrikov Peeke Texier Peeke
5 Carlsson Thurkauf Gavrikov Merzlikins
6 Peeke Texier Peeke Milano
7 Merzlikins Milano Thurkauf Texier
8 Stenlund Merzlikins Stenlund Tarasov
9 Fortier Bemstrom Merzlikins Bemstrom
10 Bemstrom Howarth Fortier Thurkauf


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