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March 10, 2017 at 5:35pm

It's that time of the year where every game matters for playoff seeding (technically every game matters throughout the season, but even more so now). So, I figured this could be a thread to follow the other 3 notable Metro teams that could factor in to the CBJ's playoff seeding. Washington lost last night and the Jackets are now just 5 points behind the #1 team, and Washington has played 1 more game than the CBJ.

Tonight (fuck) Pittsburgh plays at the Oilers at 9pm. 2nd period should be starting just as the CBJ game goes off air. CBJ and (fuck) Pittsburgh is tied with 90 points, but CBJ has the tiebreaker for 2nd place.

Saturday (fuck) Pittsburgh plays @Canucks at 10pm and the Caps play @Kings at 10:30pm

Sunday The Rangers play @Red Wings at 7pm, and the Caps play @Ducks at 9:30pm


The west coast trip the Caps are on could be a great opportunity for the Jackets to catch them

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