Ice Worker Dodges And Then Gets Nailed By Pucks While Prepping For Czech Republic-Sweden at the World Junior Championship

By Sam Blazer on December 29, 2017 at 5:11 pm

My goodness, this is a moment from hell.

An ice crew member was prepping the nets on the ice and when the Czech Republic team at the 2018 World Junior Championship took the ice, he was getting pucks whizzing by his ear. 

He put his arms up in a tizzy and let the players know that he was there. Even when he moves the net, he gets a player whizzing a puck by his ear. They must have thought that he was a shooter tutor.

Then when he is exiting on the other side of the ice someone from Sweden hits him with the puck along the boards. He is understandably pissed and begins banging on the boards so they can get him out. 

Leaving the ice, he slams the door shut and we don't blame the guy one bit at all.