Sportsnet Burns Flyers In Midst Of Nine-Game Losing Streak

By Kyle Morrison on November 30, 2017 at 1:45 pm
Times are tough for the Philadelphia Flyers, who have lost nine straight.
USA Today – Eric Hartline

The Metropolitan Division is the NHL’s Thunderdome right now – clearly the class of the Eastern Conference – with every team within striking distance of a playoff spot. That said, it hasn’t been smooth sailing for the Flyers lately.

After a decent 7-6-2 start, the Flyers have lost nine games in a row, albeit with five of those coming in overtime or a shootout. It’s an abysmal stretch that made them an easy target for #HockeyTwitter, but nobody expected one of Canada’s blue-blood media outlets to fly in from the top rope.

That’s what makes this burn all the more impressive – it came from Sportsnet.

A couple of notes here: one, they changed the wordmark, not the logo, and two, it’d be more accurate to say L L SOL OTL L OTL OTL OTL L, but that would obviously ruin the joke. So, a tip of the hat to whomever runs the Sportsnet Twitter account. That tweet may have been the biggest L that Philadelphia has taken on this streak – a crippling blow to a city whose biggest sports hero is a fictitious boxer.

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Source: @Sportsnet