Amanda Kessel Breaks Everyone's Hearts After Revealing The Truth About Her Brother's Hot Dog Obsession

By Sam Blazer on March 8, 2018 at 11:59 am
Phil Kessel eating some delicious hot dogs out of a Stanley Cup
Phil Kessel

This website doesn't write often about the Pittsburgh Hockey Penguins and although they don't consider it a rivalry, folks, it is a rivalry. Every once in a while, it is okay to check in and see what they're doing in Western Pennsylvania. 

One of their more eccentric players, Phil Kessel, has drawn criticism for his consumption of hot dogs in a tale that may or may not be true.

His sister, Amanda is a fantastic hockey player. She just won a gold medal at the Olympics. As part of her post-Olympics press campaign, she participated in a question and answer on Twitter. 

She was asked the important questions.

“I gotta put it out there: Phil does not really love to eat hot dogs,” Amanda said in an online question and answer session. “He does eat hot dogs, sometimes maybe on the golf course, but no, he does not love to eat hot dogs.”

She was asked another question about what she could beat Phil in. She throws down the gauntlet and challenges her brother to a hot dog eating contest.

Put this event on pay-per-view and every hockey fan would watch this eating contest. Or heck, put them in the Nathan's Hot Dog eating contest on July 4. That would get some people to tune in.

You may hate Pittsburgh, but the Kessels are a fun part of the hockey community. Especially when they play along with this long-standing joke.

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