Seth Jones Was Asked to Rate His Teammates on Various Attributes – and He Held Nothing Back

By Sam Blazer on March 26, 2019 at 10:15 am

When you create a player in any video game, you're normally giving the highest possible rating. It doesn't matter the attribute – you're putting that all the way to the max.

In the case of Seth Jones, you need to pass some tests for him to give you any credit.

The NHL asked him to rate a few different players on outside-the-box attributes. He wasn't generous with his evaluations at all. Zach Werenski's trash talking? 15 out of 100. Artemi Panarin's hair? 60 out of 100. Nick Foligno's fashion sense? 5 out of 100.

Sheesh. It's tough to impress this guy.

It did get me thinking: what players would get 100 out of 100 for various attributes? Luckily, a few come to mind.

Dean Kukan would get a max score for being most likely to be a Rat Pack member without being one. Joonas Korpisalo would max out as best Bond Villain. John Tortorella would max out for acting in a purified water commercial. 

Jones didn't need to be so harsh but by the same token, he wasn't asked the right questions. We're here to pick up the slack.

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