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What I Want to See out of Andy This Year...

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October 20, 2017 at 4:26pm

Andy had a solid rookie year (though technically not his rookie year).  The 17 Goals were great but I felt the 12 Assists were a disappointment.  Any NHLer not playing on a 4th line should be able to tally a dozen secondary assists just by accident.  It seems he is not effective at passing the puck or getting his teammates involved.

Last night vs the Bolts I saw him several times take the puck and streak down the wall and just before the goal line try to skate his way in and get the puck on net.  I know he is big and fast but he's a one man show.  He's also a one trick pony :(

For me...the growth he has to show this year is that he can pass the better with teammates.

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