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We Should Be Sellers at the TDL

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February 19, 2018 at 8:33am

Third loss in a row...I am sorry the CBJ are not winning games but not sorry I have chosen to take a break.

This was supposed to be the year where the CBJ became real contenders but nothing has worked out like we had hoped.  Other than Bread, Andy and Luc, the entire offense has been a disaster (and even Andy has tailed off since his hot start).

So I think its start to be realistic about 2017-2018...the CBJ should be Sellers at the trade deadline.

  • Any fan thinking one or even two rental players can turn this team from a bubble playoff team into a serious contender is being overly-optimistic.
  • We know our salary cap situation is going to be complicated over the next couple of years between who is under contract and who we still need to sign.
  • We suspect we will be losing another quality player in the next couple of years when Seattle enters the league
  • We know our current prospect pool is thin

The last thing this team can afford is to sacrifice any more of the future to try and make run this season.  If we can Sell a player or two we do not plan to keep for the long term and perhaps gain an asset or two while easing future salary cap issues we should do it.

There are also too many Buyers and not enough Sellers.  This is a good year to be a Seller.

Just my two cents.

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