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Bobs New Contract...

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April 10, 2018 at 10:53am

I know we are just starting the playoffs but I was thinking about this today.  Bobs has one more year left on his deal so he will be 31 when he becomes a UFA.  He currently counts $7.425 Million against the cap and is due a raise.

Price who turns 31 this year is starting his new deal 8 Years @ $10.5 Million per season.

I am thinking this has to be the comp for Bobs.  Very similar bodies of work and age.  Assuming the cap is not going to rise much, Bobs is looking at a $3 Million per season raise locked in for a real lot of years.

I keep thinking about the years and keep thinking about Henrik Lundqvist.  I know everything that happens with the Rangers is not his fault but the fact is he is 36 and his GAA the last four years has been worsening: 2.25, 2.48, 2.74, and now 2.98 and he still has there hefty years left on his contract.  They will still be paying him $5.5 Million in 2020-2021 when he's 39 years old.

Meanwhile, the guy they couldn't afford to keep and traded to AZ, Anti Raanta, also has three years on his new deal except he's 28 and just came off a third straight 2.24 GAA campaign and sweet .930 Save Percentage.  he gets just $4.5 Million per season.  What a deal!

Love Bobs but really worried about dropping an eight year deal down on him for huge bucks.  Am I just thinking too far ahead?

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