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Is the Problem JD and Jarmo?

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October 25, 2018 at 3:18pm

I know we all appreciate the credibility JD and Jarmo brought to the team and Jarmo's scouting/drafting has been pretty good.  But I just cannot wrap my head around why we cannot keep stars.

I cannot imagine the problem is the owner, seems like the Macs are good owners willing to do anything they can to make this team winners.  I cannot imagine its the building they play in, Nationwide is first rate!.  I know C-Bus is not the most dynamic city but is it any less so than Winnipeg, St Louis, Raleigh, Pittsburgh, and a half dozen other cities that have not had issues extending their star players?  So I cannot imagine its the city.  I know there are plenty of games when the building is not full but there are plenty of teams that fall into that category too  including NJ, Detroit and Dallas.  So I cannot imagine its the fanbase.

That leaves me with one thing.  JD and Jarmo.  This is a question, not a statement.

There was the contentious relationship with Ryan Johansen.  Then the contentious negotiations with Bobs and Andy.  Now clearly there are more issues with Bobs and Bread doesn't even want to talk extension.

Thoughts from others?

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