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A Radical Proposal

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April 23, 2020 at 8:14am
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If you're following rumors about the NHL, you know that the league is trying to find a way to finish this season in some form. I've been thinking about this and have an admittedly some what crazy idea for how to do so.
1) Hold the draft online and, as a one time only, set the draft order strictly in reverse order of the standings by points.
2) Some time around mid-June, hold a two week training camp to get players back in game shape.
3) Finish the 2019-20 season as scheduled.
4) Take a break following said finish to allow for trades and UFA/RFA signings.
5) Keep a flat cap with 2 compliance buyouts allowed per team, said buyouts must be done during the break only.
6) Do not have playoffs. (You'll see why in a minute.)
7) Begin the 2020-21 season in mid-September.
8) Add points earned in 2020-21 to those earned in 2019-20 to determine standings and playoff position.
9) Hold playoffs as normal after 2020-21 season.
Some details (conditional picks, for example) would have to be worked out, but this idea allows this season to be played out with minimal loss of revenue, allows next season to be (relatively) normal without compressing the season and drastically increasing the probability of increasing the number of injuries and gives fans a more enjoyable experience because of the accumulated points to qualify for the playoffs keeps nearly every team in the playoff hunt.

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