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While I Am Changing Rules...get Rid of the Draft Lottery

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June 5, 2020 at 1:51pm

I posted a comment here on 1OB about playoff seeding.  Since I am fixing the NHL, I have another one regarding the draft lottery.  I say get rid of it.

The point is to stop teams from tanking so give them an incentive to win.

The new draft positioning should be based on the number of standings points earned AFTER being mathematically eliminated from post-season play.  Sure Detroit was miserable this year but you don't want the team to stop trying.

Ottawa, San Jose and LA are all neck and neck for that number two pick Quinton Byfield.  But it shouldn't be a race to the bottom, it should be a race to the top.

The one negative I can think of is that it might adversely affect TDL day which is a big day for the league, teams and fanbases.  I'm willing to try it though to see if it improves on the current system.  The NHL lottery is boring as heck, giving fanbases of bad teams a reason to cheer for and not against their teams for the last month of the season is a good thing...not a bad thing and makes it more fair to teams battling for a playoff spot knowing their rival isn't getting a cupcake that's tanking for a draft position.

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