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Torts Blame

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March 29, 2021 at 10:18am

I see Tortorella getting a lot of the blame on this board. To me, he is a hell of a coach, the best this franchise has ever had (sorry Hitch), and we will miss him. I put more blame on Jarmo than Torts. I don't think it matters one bit who is behind your bench when your lineup is this BAD. Everyone thought this team would stink last year (they weren't great) and Torts did a hell of a job, they snuck into the play in round due to COVID, and shocked the Leafs. Now its as though Torts set the bar too high for himself. This roster was WORSE going into the season after selling off Murray and Nuti, buying out Wennberg, losing Anderson, and dealing with PLD's drama. How is any on that on Torts?

PLD and Anderson wanted out, but was that on Torts? Everything seemed to get nasty when the front office got involved. Trotz runs a similar system (for one of the best teams in the league) and the Islanders don't have players asking out. 

Jarmo took his shot with Bread and Bob. That was fun, but now the roster stinks, the prospect pool stinks and its time to take the medicine and rebuild this roster. I'm not saying it was a bad move, that playoffs was fun as hell. But instead of building for the future, Jarmo pushed his chips in. 

I'd run Jarmo out of town before I'd fire Torts. Jarmo is a ballsy GM that has brought in a ton of talent, but there is talent leaving too. A ton of 1st round picks have flamed out (and Chinakov was a major head scratcher for the hockey world) and I don't know if Jarmo is the right guy to rebuild this roster. 

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