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2021-2022 CBJ Prospects List

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September 2, 2021 at 9:18am

I always poach this list of prospects from the HF board because I think its a great place to start our discussion.  This list was voted on by anywhere between 30-70 of your fellow CBJ diehard fans.

  1. Kent Johnson (C/LW)
  2. Cole Sillinger (C/LW)
  3. Kirill Marchenko (LW)
  4. Yegor Chinakov (RW)
  5. Dmitri Voronkov (LW/C)
  6. Liam Foudy (C/LW)
  7. Daniil Tarasov (G)
  8. Andrew Peeke (D)
  9. Corson Ceulemans (D)
  10. Stanislav Svozil (D)
  11. Samuel Knazko (D)
  12. Tyler Angle (C)
  13. Trey Fix-Wolansky (RW)
  14. Josh Dunne (C)
  15. Ole-Julian Bjorgvik-Holm (D)
  16. Tim Berni (D)
  17. Nikolai Makarov (D)
  18. James Malatesta (C)
  19. Jacob Christiansen (D)
  20. Guillaume Richard (D)

HM: Mikael Pyyhtia (C); Carson Meyer (RW); Samuel Johannesson (D); Martin Rysavy (LW)

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