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Trade Deadline

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January 10, 2022 at 9:03am

Almost like clockwork, once January rolls around, the rumor mill begins flooding with trade possibilities. And since the Jackets are retooling (or whatever), Jackets players are popping up in those rumors. Here is my take on the names I've seen popping up most often in the rumor mill.
Jonas Korpisalo - Ever since Elvis was signed long-term, it's been assumed that Korpi will be traded. The rumor mill says that several teams have inquired about Korpi and a few have made offers. I think Korpi might actually finish out the season here due to a combination of injuries to Elvis and Tarasov and Covid. More likely, he will be traded and I predict that he'll finish the season in Edmonton.
Max Domi - I like Domi and believe that, in the right system, he can be very productive and a key to success for any team. The problem with trying to keep him here is all the young, talented forwards due to join the team in the next couple of years. No doubt, Jarmo is listening to offers, now. Look for Domi to be traded close to the deadline when GMs who believes his team is just one forward away from being a serious Cup contender and is willing to overpay for Domi.
Jack Roslovic - I was surprised to see his name pop up, especially since the rumors say that Jarmo is offering him. My gut says he's just gaging interest and will only trade the hometown boy if he gets an overwhelming offer.
Patrick Laine - I discount the rumors as the standard stuff when a star player on a team low in the standings is on an expiring contract. What the rumors ignore is why Laine asked to be traded away from the Jets. He wanted to be a first line forward, which he is, here. Add in that the Jackets have plenty of cap space to sign him to a long-term contract and I believe only a massive return - say a 1st round pick, player and top prospect or equivalent - would pry him away.
Vladislav Gavrikov - I almost laughed when I read this rumor. Frankly, there is no way in Hell that Gavvy is getting traded. Only he and Z can be called veterans on the Jackets' rebuilt blueline and he's the Jackets' only experienced shutdown d-man. Maybe he'll be available in two or three years, when several of the Jackets' d-man prospects have graduated to the NHL and (possibly) push Gavvy down the depth chart, he'll be available. Until then, he's all but completely untouchable.
Those are my thoughts. Agree? Disagree? What do you think?

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