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Thoughts on 2022-2023 Opening Night Roster

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May 3, 2022 at 3:56pm

Now that 2021-2022 is over I started thinking about the CBJ roster for next season.  I think projecting what the roster will look like is nearly impossible with Jarmo in charge because he is so unpredictable.  That said, I thought it'd be fun to discuss what this team needs and how we get there.

What we know: the CBJ have eighteen players under contract for next season.  12 Forwards, 5 D-Men and 1 Goalie totaling about $55 Million in salary cap.

  • Jake, Gus, Bjorky, Boone, Kurls, Tex, Robinson, Silly, Chinny, KJ13, Danforth and Marchenko
  • Z, Gavrikov, Bean, Peeker and Bayereuther (I add Bayereuther here because he has a contract but I could see him as the #7/first AHL call up next season.  He's the new Scott Harrington...perhaps maybe a little more reliable). 
  • Elvis

Assuming Laine ($8 Million), Rosy ($3 Million), Blank ($1 Million), Boqvist ($1.5 Million) and Tarasov or another goalie ($1.5 Million).  I do not expect our draft first rounders to make the roster (Silly was an exception) and this does not include guys moving between the AHL/NHL like  TFW, Gaunce, Carlsson, Foudy or Carson Meyer and nothing about Bemmer who is an RFA.

That puts the roster at 23, a full NHL roster for about $70 Million.  But clearly changes MUST be made.  This team needs to get much better defensively and needs some physicality to challenge the Tom Wilsons and Ryan Reaves of the world.  About $12 Million under the cap to play with but would be surprised if Jarmo goes North of $75 Million.

So some players are going to be moved and some players are going to be brought in.  What say you guys?

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