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Final Thoughts Until Babcock Gets Fired

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June 15, 2023 at 9:18am

The Rangers hiring Laviollete ended my hope that Jarmo would see the heavy negative reaction to the (potential) Babcock hiring and bring in a different coach. Therefore, being a man of my word, I will completely disassociate myself from everything Blue Jackets until bully Babcock is fired. So, a few final thoughts before I leave.

Is Provorov's reduced stats, the last couple years, due to playing on a weak Flyers team or are they part of the cause of that weakness? Hopefully, the former, but it will be a disaster if it's the latter.

The Severson contract is fair, in the first four years, but could be an albatross in the second four years. He's not a first rank defenseman, which can make it difficult to trade him when prospects are pushing him aside.

With all the guys capable of playing center, some very well, none of them are a #1C. Until the Jackets have an actual #1C, forget going deep in the playoffs. Maybe not even getting to the second round.

The difference between Torts and Babcock is easy to see. While both are demanding and preach a defense first style, Torts has subtly made changes to his style and the way he deals with players over the years. A quick look at Babcock's career shows that he has made almost zero alterations to the style of play and no changes to how he relates to his players.

I don't get why anybody thinks Babcock is a great coach. He had, arguably, one of the greatest teams, in terms of sheer talent, in Detroit. Yet, he only managed one Stanley Cup. While Detroit went to the playoffs every season he coached there, a couple of times they barely squeaked in. I could have coached them that well and the highest level I reached in beer leagues was B level one year.

Laine was benched by Torts and there was some undisclosed trouble between Laine and the coaches. This does not bode well for the potential relationship between Laine and Babcock. Might Laine feel pushed into a corner and demand a trade? If so, whom will Jarmo choose to keep?

Finally, I have enjoyed my time here. Especially conversations with Q and Matt, regardless of whether or not we're agreeing. That statement is not meant to exclude anyone else, just that Q and Matt stand out.

Until Jarmo corrects his mistake and fires Babcock the bully, I wish you all well. Goodbye and good luck.

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