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September 18, 2023 at 10:22am

There are many disheartening aspects to the CBJ-Babcock escapade, where our head coach departs after just 78 days and before he even coaches a pre-season game. The issue I am concerned about now however is longer term impact on team culture and what this says about the situation inside the locker room.

I thought one of the important roles of the Captain was to be the voice of the players within the organization. To fans and members of the Columbus community, Boone Jenner seems like a solid guy. Yet for whatever reason, in this case at least one player ended up complaining outside the organization instead of going to his Captain. (Who knows if it was shared with the hope/expectation that it would be passed on to the media.) Then the union got involved.   

What does this say about the locker room? What does it say about Jenner's leadership, not to mention the credibility of Werenski and Gaudreau? Will the last 48 hours have a lasting impact on trust and team morale that acts as a anchor on team performance?

Am I over reacting or just showing my age?

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