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Congratulations! You Are the New CBJ GM

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March 17, 2024 at 12:36am

You have just received the call from John McConnell and JD and you have been selected as the new GM. Congrats!

If my salary cap math is correct (an iffy proposition at best) you have between $9M and $11M (+ whatever amount the cap is going up) to work with. You have Chinahkov, KJ, Marchenko, Nylander, Sillinger, Texier and Bean to sign this off season. (Oh, and you better manage this off season well, because next year you will have to make a decision on RFAs Voronkov, Tarasov and Boqvist + UFAs Kuraly, Danforth, Mathieu and Provorov--if he is still here in the summer of 2025.) The good news is you have some control this year, as everyone is an RFA.

I am interested to hear your proposed contracts for each of this year's RFAs. As GM you have full authority to make trades to create more space if you feel you need it, but if you want to move on from a certain goaltender, you have to include retained salary or the buyout in your proposal.

Good luck!

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