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Mandatory Changes For Next Season

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April 14, 2024 at 2:08pm

A wasted season is nearly behind us. While it was highly unlikely that the Jackets would make the playoffs, they certainly could have - maybe should have - been better than we've seen. While we could debate most possible changes (such as whether or not Pascal Vincent should be retained), certain changes are mandatory. In my opinion, they are:
1) Hire a blueline coach who understands that the primary job of a defenseman is to play defense and have him spend as much time as is needed pounding defense first into the brains of the blueline. The best offensive defensemen were also very good defensively.
2) Trade Provorov, retaining salary if necessary, for a Gavrikov-type. Trading Andrew Peeke was stupid. It left the Jackets with Gudbranson as their only defense first defenseman. WTF was JD thinking?
3) Hire a GM with front office experience, preferably with Assistant GM or GM experience on a rebuilding team.
4) Do whatever it takes to get rid of Elvis. He's a cancer in the locker room, an (at best) average backup NHL goalie and vastly overpaid.
5) Bring in an experienced backup goalie. Someone who can spot Tarasov while giving the Jackets a chance to win and being a mentor to Tarasov. As talented as Greaves is, he still needs time to develop in Cleveland.
6) Get a trainer who can reduce soft tissue injuries. There's nothing that can be done about in game injuries, but torn labrums and muscular problems are training issues.
Okay, let the arguing, additions and questions begin.

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