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You Make the Call! (Edition 4)

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March 24, 2017 at 12:20pm

Nothing presents a barrier to entry like rules confusion. Nothing like a rules fresher to get closer to the game. You Make the Call! is your semi-regularly occurring quiz to test your knowledge and learn a bit more about the rules. I don't make up the questions and I can't promise you thorough answers. And no record of score is kept, but I can promise up votes for all answers right and wrong. Bragging rights are yours alone to win. Answers will be posted in due time. Warning: these aren't basic rules!


Make the Call!

  • A. Hand Pass #12 San Jose
  • B. Nothing here. Play on!


Which of the Calgary penalties called at this stoppage will expire first?

  • A. Play will resume 5-on-3 therefore both will expire at the same time.
  • B. Play will resume 4-on-3. Calgary Coach determines which penalty goes up on clock first and will therefore expire first.
  • C. Play will resume 4-on-3. The penalty which was called first goes up on clock immediately (and therefore expires first) even though both were recorded at same stoppage.

3) A player is deemed the instigator in a fight and the jerseys of both players are not properly tied down and their jerseys come off. What is the appropriate call by the Referee?

  • A. Since both players were willing combatants and their jerseys were not properly tied down, both players will receive the game misconduct.
  • B. Only the instigator of the fight will receive the game misconduct for not having a properly tied down jersey.
  • C. Since the jerseys of both players came off during the fight, neither player is subject to receiving a game misconduct in this situation.

Submit your answers below and thanks for playing!

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